About Us

Welcome to Milliway Web Consulting. We are a team of professional individuals dedicated to the creation of better web where everyone is secured and privacy is a priority. We are a group based in California. We believe in making the web a safer place for everyone.

Our team is composed of five brilliant people working together in making sure that your website is safe and secured. We have an odd name, from one to five, guess we just love to call ourselves like that.

This website is created for the purpose of giving people the idea of how to stay safe and secured on the web. It’s also intended for website owners, which will provide them with the basic idea of keeping their website safe and secured. In addition to that, we will also post our latest projects and services, news from our team and new events that might be of interest for you.

This will primarily be a website focusing on educating casual internet surfers, webmaster, security auditor and students with the knowledge of web security. We will provide news, tips, tricks, events and any information related to web security to make sure that everyone is educated in keeping their online browsing and transactions safe and secured.

This is an important topic because the internet is becoming the widest form of medium used for almost everything, from communication to commerce. Hopefully, this small blog will help you understand more about web security.

We are currently accepting any kind of security auditing job and website vulnerability testing. Just contact us.